For many, if not most Christians, the Bible is more than ‘sacred document’.  It sort of is God in many circles.  The Bible itself has become an idol to many. Idols don’t just come in the form of golden calves, they can come in the form of a book.  They hold it up in the air, as if it itself is worthy of being bowed down to.  They say you can’t make-up your own interpretation, that it is God’s word and what he ‘said’ that is important.  Untrue. It is someone else’s interpretation of an interpretation of of a translation of what another experienced with God.  Therefore I can ‘make-up’ my own interpretation, because my other choice is to believe some other person’s interpretation.  And they are human, like myself. Someday I may even write my own.  Ha.

Trying to get myself to believe that the experiences of those I know – and even of myself – are possibly as important as the experiences recorded in biblical stories – is down-right nearly impossible.